worker’s compensation attorney

Need Help with Your Workplace Injury? Call a Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Long Beach

Most employees do not understand the rights and coverage they have when it comes to worker’s compensation. Where they should begin to file a claim, or how to fill out forms correctly. Do you need help with a workplace injury you suffered? The best thing for you to do is to call a worker’s compensation attorney

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The Effects of Disability Payments on Child Support

As a divorce lawyer, you will have no doubt had to deal with tricky child support situations. In theory, child support calculations are pretty straight forward. The calculations are based on the combined income of the parents, the number of children and the nights per week that each parent has custody. When a parent’s job issues

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business mediation training

Resolve company conflicts with this business mediation training

Tension between colleagues at work is extremely common. The larger the business, the more likely it is that such tensions will arise. With many diverse people working together, it is to be expected that some will disagree. When the level of antagonism increases to prevent people from working constructively and it begins to affect the

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What the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Long Beach Will Do for You

Any person young or old, rich or poor, can get injured at any time and in any place. In fact, thousands of people are injured daily in all kinds of accidents at home, work, on the streets, and in stores. Finding the best personal injury lawyer in Long Beach can be hard. When an injury happens

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a Bankruptcy Law Lawyer in Los Angeles

Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles?

When you are involved in an auto accident, there can be much more involved than the physical injuries you suffer because of the negligence of another driver. Recovering from an accident can carry a large financial burden as well, with many medical bills, damages to your own vehicle, the time you lose at work and

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Training Online

Learn Alternative Dispute Resolution Training Online

More and more, companies and individuals are seeking ways to resolve disputes without the need for litigation. With the way the court systems have become bogged down with civil cases, lengthy litigation can drag on for months or years, costing clients thousands and thousands in legal fees without a judgment appearing in the near future.

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