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Long Beach Lawyer on Why Your Workers Compensation Could Be Declined by Court


We face diverse challenges in our workstations, which could directly correlate with the conditions of work in our workstations. When on duty, you may fall sick, get injured, or in the worst case, die as a result of the substances you handle or due to an accident. Your employer is required by law to ensure your employee compensation benefit, which covers cash and medication costs incurred from injury or illness sustained while at work or compensation to your family in case of death.

Reasons for court declining your Workers Compensation 

Although your compensation is given without considering fault and is an absolute prescript for work-related injuries, sometimes a court may deny your workers compensation based on these arguments.

Late notification

Any job-related injury or sickness must be reported to the employer the soonest to give the employer chance to investigate the injury/sickness. If you wait beyond the maximum 48 hours’ timeframe, your employer could explain that your injury/sickness might have taken place away from work. On the other hand, the insurance company might use the loophole to decline the claim. If, for any reason, you get late reporting a job-related injury or illness, contact a personal injury lawyer near you.

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