Criminal Defense

Talk to a Criminal Defense Lawyer about Your Embezzlement Charge (Part 2)

In a previous blog post, we discussed how a criminal defense lawyer who covers white-collar crimes can help you strategize a defense for embezzlement. The information below gives you further details about what you can face if you’re committed the crime. White Collar Criminal Defense: What It Takes to Win While 40% of embezzlement charges

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Criminal Defense Attorney

A Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles to Handle Your Case

It certainly is always stressing to get charges on a crime which you committed or not. If that’s is the case, you will probably require the immediate assistance of a criminal defense attorney. To protect your rights above all. An excellent criminal defense attorney can guide and explain everything concerning your rights at every level of the

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Training Online

Learn Alternative Dispute Resolution Training Online

More and more, companies and individuals are seeking ways to resolve disputes without the need for litigation. With the way the court systems have become bogged down with civil cases, lengthy litigation can drag on for months or years, costing clients thousands and thousands in legal fees without a judgment appearing in the near future.

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Mediation Skills

Mediation Skills Deals with Overconfidence Issues

We constantly hear that we need to have more confidence, but can we have too much? Regardless of the context, whether sport, religion, politics or finance – those who are overconfident believe they are better than they really are. Research shows that overconfidence impairs judgement and causes people to make uninformed decisions. For this reason,

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Mediation Courses in India

Learn To Reach Out With Mediation Courses in India

In a world where people are increasingly divided into different parties, each unable to listen to the opposing side, mediation has an important role to play. A skilled mediator can help to break down the pattern of opposition, creating better relationships and getting to the heart of quarrels and disagreements. If you are interested in

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