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Filing a Claim Against Someone for Causing Coronavirus to Another Person

COVID-19 can be dangerous to those who are immune-compromised. However, it can also cause severe symptoms to someone healthy. A person can be a carrier without him/her knowing it because he/she is asymptomatic. However, if a person contracts this virus and that person knows who gave it to him/her, can that person sue or seek

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What Makes a Personal Injury Attorney Different from Other Attorneys?

When you are involved in an accident and you get injured, you mustn’t represent yourself. Instead, you must hire a personal injury attorney and not just any lawyer to be your legal counsel. Keep in mind that a personal injury law is a complicated one. Without a proper representative to lobby for your rights, you’ll be

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Personal Injury Lawyer in New York City Helps You After a Construction Accident

It is no secret that construction sites can be very dangerous places. They can be, of course, but they usually aren’t given the extensive safety precautions that are often established and enforced in sites such as these. However, accidents happen, and there are New York laws in place to protect construction workers in those cases.

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