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Long Beach DUI Lawyer on Additional Charges Police Can Slap on You for Causing a DUI Accident

Driving under the influence can attract penalties of up to $10,000 but if the DUI involved an accident, the penalties can be stricter. Furthermore, penalties increase with the seriousness of the accident. 

On the other hand, the police may judge the situation and add more charges to your DUI for causing an accident. If you have caused other accidents before while DUI, it can translate to more penalties in some states. Understanding the laws and your rights is critical. 

Criminal charges

If the accident caused by DUI led to a person getting seriously injured, damage of property, or death of a person, your prosecutor can add a criminal charge. The charges can range from vehicular assault, manslaughter, or murder. 

You might want to consider hiring an accident attorney in Long Beach to help you prepare a strong defense. The additional charges can attract hefty fines or many days in prison. 

Erratic driving

Several factors can contribute to erratic driving which can cause serious accidents. Statistics have shown that texting while driving can cause more accidents on the road than DUI. The motorist who drives while texting takes the focus off the road and concentrates on the phone. 

A sick person can also drive erratically and cause an accident. The police will test the level of alcohol and if it exceeds the maximum level, you will be charged will DUI and above that, an additional charge of erratic driving can be added. Your car accident attorney in Long Beach can help you win some of the additional charges. 

Impaired driving

Erratic driving is different from impaired driving and each can have a different penalty. According to experts, DUI will, in most cases, cause the driver to see blurred images while on the road. 

Since you cannot clearly see the vehicles or obstacles ahead, your judgment will be poor and you might apply brakes when it’s too late or swerves too early. The police may have a right to add another charge of impaired driving and the court judge may combine the charges or treat them as separate. 

Suspension of driver’s license

Different conditions can lead to your license being suspended. If you refuse to take an alcohol test, whether, through Alco blow or blood test, your license can automatically be suspended for at least one year. 

The police may also decide to suspend your license if you have been involved in several DUI accidents or if the accident was severe. If you contact a Long Beach accident lawyer, you may get help before more charges are added to your file. 

Ready help for your DUI case

Some people can be okay driving under influence and they will rarely cause an accident. If you get involved in an accident because of DUI, the offense can be more serious and additional charges can be imposed against you. We have helped many drivers win cases and it will be good if you contact us immediately after the accident. Call our number (562) 526-1224.