Mediation Skills

Mediation Skills Deals with Overconfidence Issues

We constantly hear that we need to have more confidence, but can we have too much? Regardless of the context, whether sport, religion, politics or finance – those who are overconfident believe they are better than they really are. Research shows that overconfidence impairs judgement and causes people to make uninformed decisions. For this reason,

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Mediation Courses in India

Learn To Reach Out With Mediation Courses in India

In a world where people are increasingly divided into different parties, each unable to listen to the opposing side, mediation has an important role to play. A skilled mediator can help to break down the pattern of opposition, creating better relationships and getting to the heart of quarrels and disagreements. If you are interested in

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a Bankruptcy Law Lawyer in Los Angeles

Best Workers Compensation Attorney in Long Beach after Surgery

Have You Recently Received Surgery?  Sometimes, our joints wear out and fail. This can be caused by age-related conditions, but also by various diseases and by accidents. When a joint is not able to work properly, various unpleasant symptoms can arise. Someone who has a joint that is failing or wearing out might experience extreme

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a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Cortland

You Need the Advice of a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Cortland

When you are facing a crime, no matter how small the infraction may seem to you, the consequences of taking the charge too lightly can come back to haunt you. Any criminal conviction can have severe consequences that come along with it, with everything from hefty fines, probation or even possible jail time. Beyond those

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