White Collar Crime Lawyer

What Is a White Collar Crime?

Before 1939, no one had heard of a white-collar criminal – not until Professor Edwin Hardin Sutherland, a sociologist, coined the term, “white-collar crime.” According to Oxford Bibliographies, the professor defined this type of crime as an illegal act committed by someone with a higher social standing because of his or her work. Today, a white-collar criminal lawyer often focuses on defending professionals in the financial industry who are charged with fraud, concealment, identity theft, tax evasion, or embezzlement. Frequently, a white-collar crime goes unnoticed for a long period. That is because a white-collar criminal possesses special skills and knowledge, or the ability to perform complicated transactions that law enforcement officials find hard to monitor or track.

Talk to a White Collar Crime Lawyer If You or Your Firm is Under Investigation

If you work in the financial industry and are being investigated for a white-collar crime, you should contact a white-collar crime lawyer so you can find out more about your legal potential for being charged.  A lawyer will also go over the ways you can defend yourself against possible allegations. Even if you are not guilty of a crime, you should discuss the situation so you know how to proceed and how to cooperate in a way that does not get you too caught up in the investigation. White-collar crimes now have taken on several rainbows of colors, namely in the form of pink, green, and red collar crimes, so this type of criminal activity has taken on new and “colorful” meanings in today’s ever-expanding world of business and technology.

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