a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Cortland

You Need the Advice of a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Cortland

When you are facing a crime, no matter how small the infraction may seem to you, the consequences of taking the charge too lightly can come back to haunt you. Any criminal conviction can have severe consequences that come along with it, with everything from hefty fines, probation or even possible jail time. Beyond those results, a conviction can also cause problems to your personal life, causing you to lose your job, your insurance, and make it difficult for you to do things like a get a loan or a particular license. If you are looking at potential criminal charges against you, it is always a good idea to seek out the advice of a criminal defense lawyer in Cortland like what they offer at Team Green Lawyers.

Awareness of Legal Procedures

Not everyone is well-aware of the legal procedures that take place during a criminal investigation and after charges have been filed. You need to be aware of what may happen to you during an investigation and questioning by law enforcement officials, and what can potentially occur if charges are brought against you and you are arrested. Your lawyer can advise you from the moment you know there is going to be an investigation involving you. An attorney will work to make sure you are aware of what is happening, what your rights are at this time, and what the best moves are for you to take.

Forming the Best Strategya Criminal Defense Lawyer in Cortland

If charges are filed, and you are arrested, your criminal defense lawyer in Cortland can work to form the best strategy for you. As your lawyers, Team Green Lawyers will work within the system, to be there for you at the time of arrest to make sure your rights are protected. We can then set to work to arrange appropriate bail for you or get you released from custody after arraignment, and devise a proper strategy for you so that they can defend you properly against the charges.

It All Starts with a Phone Call

To get the help of a criminal defense lawyer in Cortland you want to make the initial call to them at Team Green Lawyers right away. You can contact their office at any time by calling 315-424-8326 to arrange for an initial consultation. They will discuss your case with you safely and confidentially and set to work to provide you with the best defense possible and work towards a resolution that is favorable to you.