Advanced Mediation

Take Your Dispute Resolution Skills to the Next Level with Advanced Mediation

You have already started on your great career in mediation, and are now ready to take it to the next level. Our courses in advanced mediation are designed to be there to ensure that you can get everything you need from our advisers. Edwards Mediation Academy can help you to find the right course for you, and give you a great feeling conference when you complete our courses. Knowing that you have the skills necessary to mediate in tense situations can allow you to take command of the situation, making your skills much more advanced and ensuring that you are able to give the best resolution opportunities to your clients.

A Deeper Understanding

While our basic courses teach you the skills you need to start mediation, the advanced courses are therefore professionals who wish to engage with the idea of mediation, including being able to deconstruct the process of mediation in order to enhance your own skills. Edwards Mediation Academy organize this course around the idea of mediating a multi-party dispute, which can be very complicated and will require all of your skills to resolve. Our courses will give you a deeper understanding of your role in improving relations and avoiding legal recourse.

Advanced Mediation

Learning from the Industry

One of the principles that you will learn on our advanced courses is that all levels of business and government need skilled mediators. Edwards Mediation Academy will introduce you to experienced industry mediators who will be able to tell you what has occurred in their own mediation attempts, and how they worked around it. By teaching each mediation skill individually, they help you to hone those necessary skills in order to get the best resolution for both parties. Edwards Mediation Academy will also teach you ethical and moral issues involved with the mediation of more complex cases.

Learn More with Us

When you feel that you are ready to start learning with them, Edwards Mediation Academy will be happy to take your subscription to our advanced mediation course. You can normally expect to complete this course within 40 hours, or about five days if you have no other work or want to focus solely on this course. If you want to find out more about our advanced course, or are seeking advice about our sessions and consultations, then you should contact them by calling (877) 927-1362, or email today.