Selling a Boat Paperwork

What Paperwork Do You Need to Sell a Vessel in Canada?

One of the great things about boating is that it can be a lifelong hobbie. As your life evolves and changes, you can always count on your boat being there to take you out on the water and away from the stresses back on land. If your circumstances have changed to the point where you are looking to upgrade your boat, however, you may find yourself in a position to sell it to another individual. As boats can be expensive, the market for used vessels is significant, and you will likely find a number of interested prospective buyers. Before you negotiate on a price and arrange a drop-off, you will want to have an understanding of the required paperwork for selling a boat.

In your time as a boat owner, you have probably become familiar with forms and documents from Transport Canada. Your province may also have specific paperwork that pertains to boat owners. Well, if you are planning to sell your boat, there is a bit more to it than just handing over the keys. Read on to learn more about how you can successfully transfer ownership of your boat.

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