What Is The CG-719b Application, and How Can You Submit It?

You’re probably already acquainted with the CG-719B form if you’ve found your way here. To be considered for a Coast Guard credential, you must submit this form (when you first apply for a coast guard license and need to renew your license). Fortunately for you, if you misplace or damage your CG-719, we have extras on our site.

A CG-719B form is required by almost every Coast Guard personnel at some time, according to Everyone is in a different scenario than the next one. For example, a new member may fill out the CG-719B form to get a learner’s license. A CG-719B form may be used to renew a member’s license if they already hold one. The CG-7219B allows other members to switch from an ITF license or register an upgrade. You can see that the CG-719B form may be utilized in various circumstances.

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