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Have You Recently Received Surgery? 

Sometimes, our joints wear out and fail. This can be caused by age-related conditions, but also by various diseases and by accidents. When a joint is not able to work properly, various unpleasant symptoms can arise. Someone who has a joint that is failing or wearing out might experience extreme pain, as well as loss of mobility. In such cases, surgery can be necessary. However, after surgery there is a portion of time needed for recuperation. This is why the best workers compensation lawyer in Long Beach may be necessary to ensure the safety of your wages.

Luckily, these days people can have joint replacements. Doctors recommend a replacement if a patient is in constant pain or when the patient’s daily life is significantly affected by poor mobility. Most patients who have total knee replacement surgeries are between 50 and 80, but doctors recommend surgery based on the patient’s level of pain and disability, not their age.

A joint replacement entails surgically removing or altering the existing, faulty joint and then inserting an artificial replacement joint. These artificial joints have given new hope and movement to many people. For example, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, over 90 percent of people who have knee replacement surgery experience a significant reduction in knee pain. The number of replacement surgeries in the U.S. continues to grow. For example, by 2030 it is estimated that 3.5 million knee replacement surgeries will be carried out. The same sort of increase in replacement surgeries is predicted for other joints such as the hip, shoulder and so forth.

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If Your Surgery Went Wrong…

Sometimes, however, there can be serious problems with joint replacements. Whenever a foreign body is implanted into the human body, there is always a risk of complications developing. The body could reject the device. Another problem could be that the replacement joint has been made with inferior materials or is poorly designed. It is then more likely to fail.

If a joint replacement fails, there are likely to be a great number of medical bills. You might need more surgery or physical rehabilitation. Both of these can be very expensive. And this is after you have already paid for the failed joint replacement. Research shows that the cost of a knee replacement can cost anywhere from $16k to $61k in the same city.

Compensation for Medical Bills and Lost Wages

These days, consumers have to take on more of the cost of health insurance because of higher deductibles and co-pays. Consumers, therefore, have to be more price-conscious than ever. If a joint replacement goes wrong, the additional medical bills could have a seriously negative impact on your life. Inviting a workers compensation lawyer in Long Beach to help with the process could help to avoid complications in receiving compensation to balance the wages lost after time away from work.

Many people who have joint replacements assume that they will regain the ability to work quite soon after their surgery. The truth is that a significant portion of people who have joint replacement surgery experience even more pain or loss in mobility than before the operation.

This might put you out of work for an indefinite period. If you or a loved one has been damaged by a joint replacement procedure, contact a Long Beach personal injury attorney for help in making a claim.

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