Canada Shipping Act

What Is the Canada Shipping Act? Plus Some Extra Data

The Canada Shipping Act (CSA), implemented in 2001, represents the law that governs marine transport and safety. It also includes rules that focus on preserving the environment. The 1894 British Shipping Act was the basis for the original CSA. Since 2001, the CSA has been revised, updated, and reorganized to keep pace with current recreational and commercial maritime activities. 

Whether you operate a commercial vessel or spend time fishing for recreation, you need to get acquainted with the CSA. The following details provide an overview of the rules the CSA supports.

The Canada Shipping Act: Learning the Language

The Canadian Shipping Act introduces you to a variety of phrases, such as “approved representative,” “Canadian vessel,” “foreign vessel,” and “government vessel” – each of which is important to understand and know. For example, any boat not registered as a Canadian pleasure craft or a Canadian commercial vessel is regarded as foreign, whereas a Canadian-owned vessel is one that is registered and operated only inside the country.

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