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Talk to Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys About Settlement Offers

It is difficult to say no when someone is offering you money. You may find it challenging to dismiss the offer when an insurer gives you a settlement offer. But it is a big mistake to take the offer without having to talk to Los Angeles personal injury attorneys.

A common statement the insurer will say to you is to take the money now or you won’t get anything. Hence, when our clients would ask us if they should accept the insurer’s settlement offer, we recommend talking to one of our lawyers first. It is vital to remember that each settlement offer has a catch. When an insurance company gives you money, it wants something in return. That is, it wants you to sign a release agreement. The contract needs you to acknowledge that you will not make a claim against the insurer from the same circumstance. When you sign the agreement, it means that you cannot demand additional compensation. But is the agreement worth it? Keep in mind that is binding and permanent. The court will enforce it.