Immigration Attorney in Tarzana

The Right Immigration Attorney in Tarzana Dispels Immigration Myths

While there is a great deal in the news lately regarding immigration, the policies, and the regulations that may go into effect sometime soon. The lack of chatter has made many people nervous about the state of immigration in the United States. There are many people that live in a constant state of fear over what will happen to them or their family members. If the laws and regulations are enacted, the fear will become worse. People have a hard time separating the truth from the myths, allegations, and falsehoods that are spread around as well. It is always a good idea to speak to an immigration attorney in Tarzana like we offer at the law office of Donald M. Pecchia so you can dispel the common myths and learn the facts.

Getting a Visa is Impossible

Since there are many immigrants in this country or people trying to come to the United States. They think under the current situation that getting any type of visa to work legally in the country or reside here is impossible. The laws regarding visas have changed over recent years. Again, there are generally long waits to get visas. Although that is true, obtaining a visa for work or residence can happen for you. It takes time to fill out the applications properly and promptly. As well as to have all of the information and documentation needed in place. A knowledgeable immigration lawyer like Mr. Pecchia can assist you with matters of this nature.

I Can Get a Green Card Automatically

Due to some people are under the misconception that if they live and work in the United States long enough on a non-immigrant visa that they automatically qualify for a Green Card or can become a Legal Permanent Resident by default. The truth is that a person must be sponsored. Also, They must file a petition for Legal Permanent Resident status to gain the status and there is a process involved. An immigration attorney in Tarzana in our offices can advise you regarding the proper way to proceed in this manner.

Get Your Questions Answered

It is not at all uncommon for immigrants to have many questions regarding laws and status today. To get the best answers and help possible, you should turn to an experienced immigration attorney in Tarzana. Find us at the law office of Donald M. Pecchia. You can contact our office and arrange for a phone consultation by calling us at 818-963-8238 then we can speak with you confidentially and provide you with the insight and advice you need too.