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More than a Financial Advisory Service

The Chartist is a financial advisory service, but it can also so much more than that, too. They offer financial advice, in the forms of their newsletter, hotline, the archives of both and more. To be clear, that isn’t just “advice,” as in “they tell you what to invest in.” Rather, they tell you what they’re investing in and why they’re doing so. It’s more of “financial strategy sharing” than it is just advice. However, they offer much more than that as well. In this blog, we’ll touch on their managed account services and other ways that they can help you and your finances.

Managed Accounts

They know how busy you are. So often, they’ve received messages from investors and would-be investors that say something like: “I’d love to invest like you say to, but I don’t have the time to do the research, investing and all of it.” That is perfectly understandable. Between your job, family life and all of your other responsibilities, it can be difficult for even the more diligent investor to do all of the research and ultimately, investing that they would like to do. This is where their managed accounts services can help. They can invest your money for you, so that your money is invested how they see fit.

“Putting their Money where their Mouth is”

That’s one of the core truths of the Chartist. They don’t just give you hypothetical “hey, maybe you should invest in this” kind of advice. When they tell you to invest in something, they invest in it themselves. Indeed, you can readily check this at their site to see how their investments are doing. Their managed account services can be an extension of this. They will invest your money like they’re investing their own because, frankly, they’re investing their own money in the same way. That way, you can rest assured that they’ve done the research and believe in what they’re saying, as their money is also on the line.

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Types of Managed Accounts

To fit different kinds of investors, they offer different kinds of managed account options. For example, they know that many investors are fundamentally conservative with their money. They’re looking for growth and income that builds steadily over time. Their “Balanced Accounts” service is perfect for this, as it focuses on no-load short term bond funds as well as no-load stock mutual funds. Services like their “Mutual Fund Accounts” managed systems are for investors who are more aggressive. These use money market funds and exchange traded funds to seek capital growth.

The Chartist Financial Advisory Service

Their “Stock Account” service takes advantage of markets on the rise. By investing in only money market funds and common stocks, this aggressive system seeks out high relative strength stocks. This strategy has a flexibility that can roll with different market conditions. To discover the right kind of managed account service for your needs, head to their site or give them a call at (800) 942-4278.